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About Hail Care

Turning Interest into Action

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Having worked in the care sector for over 20 years, Helen has grown a passion for this craft. She strongly believes in good quality person-centred care and that what we do can have a huge impact on individuals. Helen created her own care business in the Yorkshire regions and delivered an outstanding quality service, a service of which she is extremely proud, Helen then went onto to start up further care companies for different people from scratch. Again calling upon her knowledge and experience. She firmly believes in writing her own bespoke policies and procedures as this encourages well-led practices. During Helen's care career she has helped develop a training suite that promotes high quality teaching for high quality care workers, who in turn deliver high quality care. Part of this training is a 'Care Induction' and 'The Care Certificate',

It is with this wealth of experience and passion that Helen founded Hail Care. Hail Care puts quality practice at the heart of its business model. We offer a consultancy service, Care Training, services and what Helen is most proud of her mental health charity, Hail Yourself. Helen has degrees in English and Theology and has also studied Ergonomics


Quality Care for All

At Hail Care we believe that outstanding quality care truly is something that should be available to all "...from the cradle to the grave". It is our belief that the best way to do this is by encouragement, empowerment and experience. This is what we offer our clients. We encourage you to tread on the sacred ground of the care sector; Empower you with the knowledge to succeed and give you our experience of our many years of care leadership skills.

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