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Welcome to The Hail Yourself Charity!

James, or Miller to his friends, was a very talented and intelligent young man. A former guitarist and vocalist in a successful band ‘The Temple’. He was there for his friends and was an advocate for self-worth. He had his own struggles but he battled on. He had even had tattooed on his neck ‘Hail Yourself’ as if it was a constant reminder, not only to others, but also for himself.


Lockdown has not been easy for anyone but for somebody such as James, whose support network was very important to him,  it seemed to be especially difficult. His struggle was real  but he remained positive and sort help. He went to his doctors and prescribed antidepressants. Unfortunately, a rare side effect is suicidal thoughts and it appears to have been the case for James.


After a long fight, James lost his battle in August 2020.

Unfortunately, far too many people, like James, loose this battle day after day. Inspired by James' battle, for himself and the people around him, I have started this charity so that we can help support and battle alongside the many people in our community who struggle every day. We do this in James Miller's name!!!

How We Help

We aim to help in many ways:

Firstly we know that the waiting list for people with a mental health issue is far too long. Many people struggle to cope whilst waiting for the appropriate help from a healthcare professional. Your donations can help by finding private professional help to people at the point of need.

Secondly, we can reach out to people. In our experience, a lot of people don't like accessing talking groups that can be too clinical. Whilst they do have a place and do good work, we offer alternative ways to keep the dialogue open. We are all different and this should be celebrated. This is why we look at ways such as our own football teams; outreach at music festivals; dedicated areas for outreach on nights out in clubs etc

Thirdly, Hail Yourself training. We deliver training in different areas. We love to do this training to care companies. This is because caregivers seem many people who suffer with mental health problems but also they themselves can struggle with their high intensity career path that they have chosen.

Fourthly, we are lobbying parliament. At the moment you are restricted to gain help for a mental health condition if you are currently struggling with substance misuse. This is appalling as many people have turned to 'self-medicating' whilst waiting for professional help. We need our law-makers to look at this ludicrous situation and move to making help accessible for all! 

How Can You Help?

  • Donate to the charity. Please call to find out how.

  • Train your staff! All profits from the mental health 'Hail Yourself' training goes to the charity.

Meet the Trustees

The trustees below look after Hail Yourself and work to ensure that every penny donated goes to help as many people as possibl

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