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Care Consultancy

Help to Get Your Registration

CQC registration can be a minefield to get right. We take away the headache and fill out all the forms and create a bespoke application around your values, ethos and aims. with our 100% success rate your business is safe in our hands.

Policy Building Package

When you start your own care business one of the things that takes time to get right is your policies and procedures. These are things that the CQC will look closely at, especially whilst going through your registration and inspections. We like to take the trouble out of putting these in place by offering our 'Policy Building Package'. We write bespoke policies that will ensure that your business is safe. The main reason for health and safety legislation is to protect people at work and those who are affected by work activities. Legislation (that is, laws) is made so that everyone in society knows which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. We can also help you desing the right operational forms.

Advice in succeeding

We are with you every step of the way. You never know what life may throw your way, especially in this industry.  We welcome queries at any time through your journey. We find that a lot of our clients struggle with the same problems and it can be helpful to share our knowledge. One area that is increasingly becoming difficult is recruitment and retention of staff. It sometimes require thinking outside of the box. We can help guide you through.

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